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Greek Myths and Therapy.  Online Seminars for Psychologists and Therapists


Greek Myths and Therapy.  

Many of the  psychological ideas ancient Greeks had , that are  now “taken” from their mythology, are found  in modern scientific psychology.

Even the origin of the word psychology leads us to a myth: Psyche and her lover, Eros. “This allegory has a meaning. Psyche, in the Greek language means soul. But the soul rises only through love, Eros, and ends up in Olympus, the place of eternal happiness” (Mitru, 1996, p.179). The psychic is characterized by feeling, life and torment. So, psychology represents, from the mythological point of view, more than just science or knowledge. Psychology is the study of the human soul in search of love.

This is a monthly reflective practice space running for Therapists and psychologists  and those interested in the therapy process  running for 6 sessions.   Where each session will cover one myth and make connections to our present day contexts.

The myths explored include:

1. Narcissus and Echo: Monday 28th Sept. 2020
2. Psyche and Eros: Monday 26th Oct. 2020
3. Medusa: Monday 3oth Nov. 2020
4. Oedipus: Monday 25th Jan. 2021
5. Pandora: Monday 22nd  Feb . 2021
6. Chiron, the wounded healer: Monday 29th March. 2021