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Block Online Reflective Practice Group for  Psychologists and Psychotherapists (+ 5 years  qualified and/or senior responsibilities).

£150.00 (Sold out)

A reflective space for senior psychologists and psychotherapists to think about ourselves and our work environments.  

For the purpose of this space a  senior psychologist or psychotherapist is  considered to be someone  qualified for at least 5 years and/or those dealing with more systemic roles such as service development, supervising qualified therapists  and managing teams alongside therapeutic or research roles.  

The group is a space to explore  systemic  and structural work dynamics as well as process personal and professional conflicts; along with sharing  academic understandings, and importantly to receive emotional support when navigating the complexities of being a senior  psychologist or psychotherapist.

Each session lasts for ninety minutes.   Within the session the group members will be invited to volunteer to briefly share a professional situation for the group to discuss.  With a maximum of two situations per session.   Who shares is decided at the beginning of each session determined by whoever would like to or, if more than one or two volunteers,  who is most urgent.  The sharing takes the form of a five  - ten minute conversation between myself and the presenter, then the discussion is opened up to the rest of the group.  

This group is  set up with the hope to begin to address the need for spaces where senior psychologists and psychotherapists  are able to speak openly, explore ideas and  think together about some of the complexities of senior roles; and where local service politics and professional politics can also be contained sufficiently to allow them to be observable and reflected on.  

Each block functions as  a closed  group running for  8 consecutive  weeks .  There are three blocks a year.  

The fee is £150 per block (£18.75 per session).  Group members are asked to commit to attending one  block of sessions to encourage a safe space and continuity in group dynamics; as such there are no refunds on missed sessions.  

Dates are:  04/02/2021; 11/02/2021;  18/02/2021; 25/02/2021; 04/03/2021; 11/03/2021; 18/03/2021; 25/03/2021.

Time: 3 pm-4:30 pm Thursday afternoons  

Where:  Zoom Meeting Room

All are welcome to the group however there is an explicit invitation to people who have experiences of being in marginalized groups .  For example: people from BAME communities, disabled people, people that identify as LGBTQ, people who have a religous faith, people who identify as working class, people with lived experience of mental health problems.  

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Contact Dr Libby Nugent for more information:

twitter: @becomingethical;  

email:  [email protected];
telephone: 07990546964.