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Journey of a Lifetime - A Therapy Group for Women who have experienced Sexual Assault by Men

£35.00 (Coming soon)

This new London based group will provide a regular space to think, share and begin to heal along with others.

This group aims to:
- To reflect on our experiences as women who have experienced sexual assault by men
- Provide a safe space to discuss personal experiences
- Provide support, understanding and challenge.
- Provide an opportunity to explore different ways to self care, finding a path to healing and empowerment that is right for you as an individual.
- Develop our abilities when communicating with those who may have alternate opinions, values, understandings and life experiences.
- Develop an understanding of common toxic cultural scripts and their impact
- Provide a resource to meet with others, exchange ideas and strengthen support networks.

People are requested to commit to attend all ten sessions. A commitment of payment for all sessions is required, regardless of attendance (unless I needed to cancel the session, then that session would be reimbursed).

Should you wish to attend please message me via the contact details below.

I will need to have a brief phone call with you so that we can make an initial connection, and make sure the timing is right for the group for you.

- Payment can be weekly ( £35) or an early bird discount for the ten session block (£320).
- For more information please contact me (