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Healing Wounds from Race-based Trauma in the Workplace


Currently recruiting for this four session pilot group. This will be co run with Dr Ndidi Boakye. The  group is for health care professionals in the NHS but we are really keen to hear from anyone who feels they might benefit from this.

This  London based group will provide a regular space to think, share and begin to heal along with others.

This group aims to:
- To reflect on experiences of structural racism
- Provide a safe space to discuss personal experiences
- Provide support, understanding and challenge
- Provide an opportunity to explore different ways to self care, finding a path to healing and empowerment that is right for you as an individual.
- Develop an understanding of common toxic cultural scripts and their impact
- Provide a resource to meet with others, exchange ideas and strengthen support networks.

- For more information please contact me ( or Dr Ndidi Boakye (
- Dates: 24th May; 31st May; 14th June; 21st June
-Time: 5:45pm - 7:15pm
- Fee: thirty five pounds per session
- Tea and Coffee provided