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Stories as Medicine Series: Female Archetypes

£175.00 (Coming soon)

"Words can be strong medicine. Stories can touch our hearts and souls; they can point the way to healing and transformation. Our own lives are stories that we write from day to day; they are journeys through the dark of the fairy tale woods. The tales of previous travellers through the woods are passed down to us in the poetic, symbolic language of folklore and myth; where we step, someone has stepped before, and their stories can help light the way."  Terri Windling.

Myhts, Folklore and Fairy tales can be particularly useful as they can be understood on two levels at once: the conscious and unconscious.

There is a maximum of 8 people per group.

This group begins by briefly looking at:

- History of the Tale
- Common interpreations
- Symbolism in the tale and Archetypal Imagery.  

The group will then spend the majority of time sharing reflections, thoughts and asscoiationsto to the story of fairytale:

Each session will cover one of seven femlae archetypes and one story:
The Lover
The Maiden
The Mother  
The Queen
The Huntress
The Sage
The Mystic

VENUE: Zoom Platform
COST: £25.00 per session  

Call 07990 546964 or email [email protected]