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Fairy Tales and Therapy.  Online Workshop for Psychologists and Psychotherapists


Fairy tales can be particularly useful as they can be understood on two levels at once: the conscious and unconscious.
This workshop begins by briefly looking at:
- The process of storytelling: theory of mind  and menatlisation
- Symbolism in tales: social constructs and archetypal imagery.  

The group will then spend the majority of time thinking about the story of Cinderella:
*  Grimm and  other versions
* Sibling rivalry
* Splitting - good mother versus wicked stepmother
* Symbols and Social Constructs
    - Class and Elitism
     - Feminism and Servitude
    - Magic
   - The handsome Prince
   - Happily Ever After

It is hoped with a fresh perspective and a playful gaze therapists will feel inspired to be more confident in working creatively with clients, either directly or when reflecting in their supervision spaces.
VENUE: Zoom Platform
DATE: Tuesday 7th  April 2020
TIME: 10 am – 11:30 am.
COST: £25.00  

Call 07990 546964 or email